12 Best Ways to Avoid Prevent and Deal with an Attack

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A violent attack can occur to anyone at any given time. Below Eyal Yanilov Master 3 at Krav Maga has listed the techniques that he has acquired over the years of training.


1. Understand the nature of the problem

There are two types of attackers:

a. Resources – attacker who sees you as a “source of income”, meaning robbing or kidnapping you; or “source for pleasure” meaning rape or attack for the sake of harming and gaining pleasure from these acts of violence.
b. Positioning – attacker that wishes to dominate you (in front of others or himself) or punish you.
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2. Understand the nature of a possible situation

a. Is it about defending yourself
b. Is it about defending another person (family, friend or stranger in need of help)
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3. Identify the Attacker

Making eye contact, reading the attacker’s body language and facing him hands high, should put you in a better starting point. As I put it in one of my articles on the Principals of Krav Maga, your ultimate goal is to be on the upper hand – or to make it simple for you; “win” the situation.
Eye contact and body language of chest forward, chin up and hands out, showing oneself bigger
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4. Avoidance

It is highly important to keep a distance from the attacker. Also, keep in mind that no matter whether the person in front of you is 2 meters high or a 10 year old kid – distance is a crucial factor here.

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5. Prevention


Stop the process of the violence at the earlier stage.
a. Running away (always a great option).
b. Equipping yourself with a common object to threat and deter the attacker, often works well very
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6. Prevention by pre-emptive attack

You can use different “Preemptive Attack” to prevent the aggressor from reaching and hurting you. You should use it when:

1. You identify the intentions and means of the attacker.
2. You feel that the danger is immediate and real.
3. You have no other alternatives.

Better be trained to do it
a. When you identify the ability, intention and means (tools);
b. When you feel that the danger is immediate and real
c. When you have no alternative
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7. Submission and compliance


Use verbal and body language that you comply, and then leave the area ASAP
a. Submission works well when the attacker seeks domination and usually you will suffer very little damage, if at all. Naturally you can lose face and suffer socially but at least no real physical damage.
b. Compliance usually works well when the attacker wants resources, as in the case of robbery, just give the assailant what he wants.
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8. Seeking assistance and informing others


One of the most important actions a KMG fighter needs to take into his consideration is seeking assistance. That’s right, seeking the help of others might eventually let you overcome the attacker’s harmful intentions.
However, not always you will find yourself able to call for help, so in that case you should be aware of your surroundings and pay close attention to the attacker’s moves.
Moreover, the main and usual assumption will be “it is my job and duty to act, no one can do it for me” etc., so if there is someone who offers his help to you, then you just got lucky.
Here are two scenarios:
a. Works well after you escape the aggressor who wanted domination and is not supported by a group
b. Doesn’t work well and may result in much damage when alone with an aggressor who wishes to stay undetected. He will try to attack fast and hard in order to stop you
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9. Performing appropriate techniques of attacks, defences, counter attacks, releases


All this is after acquiring the relevant knowledge and experience. Studying techniques and tactics, utilizing mental and physical skills. In most cases, very simple defences with the palms or forearms, and several types of strikes and kicks are sufficient to deal with the majority of violent attacks in reality.
Use the correct techniques and tactics of KMG while it is important to utilize them at the right place and time with the correct mental and physical states. This is the most balanced way to manage your fight. Exploiting this to your advantage will lead you to be on the upper hand and take control over any situation.
Moreover, stay as focus as possible and try neutralizing all disturbances and distractions.
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10. Avoid legal consequences


Being under attack doesn’t mean we have the right to do whatever we wish to, as such in the case of the use of firearms or even a fist or a stone. On the contrary, you might want to deescalate and even leave the place before the situation turns into a war zone.
We must act according to the law, and therefore the usage of tools and weapons against an attacker is a hard decision if we gain control over the situation.
Hence, acting wisely while conducting Krav Maga techniques towards an attacker is a crucial step in a fight.
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11. Inform people around you that you are being attacked


As early as possible, and especially when you are actively defending yourself and counterattacking, inform people around you that you are being attacked, you are the victim and the other is the aggressor; if you got a hold of a weapon use is as necessary and if you do not use it, hide it, so others will not think that you are a dangerous aggressor.
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12. Reach safe zone ASAP


To suffer minimum physical and mental harm, you should reach safe zone ASAP, check your body for injuries and treat yourself; call for and get assistance ASAP; try to remember as many details as possible the way the attacker looked and dressed like.
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13. Summary


Krav Maga is an integrated system for self-defense, combat and 3rd party protection, originated in the Israeli Defense Forces, Founded by Grandmaster Imi Sde-Or (Lichtenfeld), developed and spread around the world by Master Eyal Yanilov and KMG
(1) Please note that around the world it is becoming more and more common that the attacker is likely to punish the victim. When you submit, be sure that you are protected, especially by distance.
(2) One who has self-defense and fighting capabilities, as acquired in relevant training (as taught by KMG), should be able to apply the appropriate tactics and techniques to overcome an aggressor and gain the upper hand, even for a short time that will allow a fast escape from danger.
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