Another Day in the Office… with Eyal Yanilov

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Author: Eyal Yanilov

Some years ago Tommy Blom, Richard Fagan, both members of our Global and International Teams, and I were teaching a special unit somewhere out east. During one of the days we conducted different sessions in a “training village” where we practiced shooting, driving, avoiding driving vehicles, performed VIP protection tactics, integrating KMG with everything and more. At the end of the day, Tommy shortly wrote home about these activities and added, “Just another day in the office”.

I liked it. I also agree with Ilya Dunsky, a Global Team member, who says that he has the best office job in the world, travelling to different countries, doing what he loves and is passionate about, what he excels in (a fact that is evident from the impressive feedbacks he has been receiving on his instructors education, seminars and testing), while assisting people and earning money to support the family (he gets paid and has fun in the process, what can be better than that?).

This week I spent teaching an E-Camp in Hungary with excellent participants from 8 countries. I would like to share with you my schedule from one of the days during the camp. I woke up at 5 am, did a short morning training and then went over some material and prepared for a conversation with Zeev Cohen (Master in KMG) about our Kids Training in KMG. We talked for half an hour planning together some very interesting projects. During the first hour in the morning I managed to drink my regular consumption of 1.5 litres of the cleanest water I can get my hands on before breakfast. It seems to keep me rather healthy. 

At 9 am the E-camp started with a warm-up that incorporated power drills that required cooperation between partners and synchronizations of movements. I was mostly demonstrating and correcting but managed to do some drills at low volume. We then continued with slow fighting. Here I was practicing together with Tal Kvores , another Global Team member, who just happened to be in Hungary, visiting his wife and 2 kids J.

Sometimes during these training days I can practice and not only teach. I used to do it much, much more in the past, probably some of the older experts can recall. J The next 7-8 hours I continued to teach the group some Expert level 1, 2 and 3 curriculum. The last part of the day was dedicated to self-defense on the ground including against knife attacks when the defender is in a lying position.

We concluded with about half an hour of ground fighting, while a knife is involved. In practice we tried  to detect when a knife was being reached for and drawn, trying to identify such intention and prevent it; fighting when the knife had  already been wielded during this confrontation (on the ground); defend, attack, counterattack, disengage, and much more.

Here I had the opportunity to train with Erik, one of the Hungarian experts. These local young experts are becoming better and stronger all the time. 

After the training of the Experts ended, at about 17:30, I took a private training session of Kettle Bell. Roland, a Hungarian KMG Expert and a very good Kettle Bell strong first instructor, taught me and improved my technique in several drills. The hour of this training was not very intensive yet part of my body was cramped for several days afterwards.

On the way from the hotel to the gym I noticed a Yoga studio, so that evening I also took part in a 90 minutes lesson. Some sort of Dynamic Yoga, based on Astanga Yoga .Once I wrote about my experience with Ranko, the excellent instructor of Astanga in Serbia.

During this lesson and the following two that I took there, I experienced a couple of very good instructors with amazing balance, power and flexibility. You can find them at . The only problem is the way they write Joga (Yoga), made me confused at that time of the night.

Just for the record, Ralko is 60 years old and to me he looks more able than the younger instructors. Very impressive!

After a late dinner, back in my hotel room, I fell asleep before my head hit the pillow on the way from sitting position to lying position.

It was just another good day in the office.



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