Author: Steven Kratsas

Defending Against Multiple Attackers

KMG’s method for dealing with multiple attackers is based on military, Law enforcement and civilian confrontations (mainly in Israel). Numerous logical situation assessments and experiments in real life conditions …

Learn To Evaluate For Yourself: Are You Being Trained Responsibly?

The wrong solution can kill you. An unsuitable response can cause you great harm. Students – are you receiving the best knowledge possible? Do you know how to evaluate for yourself? Instructors – are you giving the best knowledge available? Look at the following clip of correct and incorrect gun defenses.

Another Day in the Office

Author: Eyal Yanilov Some years ago Tommy Blom, Richard Fagan, both members of our Global and International Teams, and I were teaching a special unit

Teaching Women Self Defence

Author: Eyal Yanilov Women are, on average, smaller and less powerful than men. A woman’s muscle is 30% weaker than a man of the same