How Do We Change?

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How do we change? The mind creates thoughts. Thoughts evolve into action. The action becomes a habit. Habits build character. The character establishes the personality. The personality affects thoughts and thus changes you and your destiny.


If you wish to achieve something do it by changing yourself. Start with the appropriate way of thinking, meaning the correct thoughts and follow through with action. This is the way to change your life and destiny.

In practice, KMG instructors take it upon themselves to affect change in others.

This by teaching, passing on information, training and sharing examples and knowledge and by being a role model.

It is clear that the info and knowledge come from the higher level and more knowledgeable ones. What I received from Imi and other teachers/instructors I met throughout my life and was fortunate enough to add, explain and progress, I teach and pass on to other instructors. This is my role and duty (By the way – what is yours?).

People I have taught and later on became instructors themselves are now teaching others, passing on that knowledge and their experience to the students and instructors under them.

The actions, thoughts, tactical behavior, drills and practice they bring with them to class will change the habits and eventually influence the personality of their trainees.

We often hear trainees and students declare that “Krav Maga changed my life”.

What do people mean by this? I have even heard people say that one drill or technique changed a life.

Do people mean that they confronted and overcame an attacker or that they successfully defended a knife stab? The answer is No!

If that were the case they would have said: “Krav Maga saved my life”. Of course this also happened uncountable times, but what people had said is that it changed their lives.

Indeed it changed their perspective, understanding, self-confidence, mental strength and courage, peace of mind, self-control and other attributes. The training and interaction changed their thoughts and eventually their character and personality. For some the change is a minor one, for others it is huge.

Thus – if we have the power to change ourselves, we should do good and cultivate correct change. Imi use to say that a Krav Maga instructor should nurture good citizens. He meant good human beings with high moral and standards.

We must follow that way. This is the correct and true path on which to progress.

Your mission is to strengthen your personality. This is the goal. Your personality has the power to influence, empower, assist and change others. With time, efforts and training you will change yourself, become more quiet, confident, focused and powerful, and others will notice and sometimes comment on it.

If our members and trainees will progress and change for the better they will eventually become better than their own instructors. Then our system and way of life will continue to grow and progress forever. If not, it will fade away. So, we must train ourselves and strive for excellence as well as high moral top level standards in all walks of life.


St George and Sutherland Shire now have a dedicated Krav Maga school. Located at Hurstville and Earlwood.

SGS Krav Maga is officially accredited with the Krav Maga Global (KMG). Krav Maga Global is the most recognised and largest Krav Maga organisation, with established KMG branches worldwide.

Author: Eyal Yanilov