Man Punched and $100,000 Jewellery Stolen in Heist

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St George police have released images of a woman they want to speak to about $100,000 worth of jewellery stolen on March 9 at Westfield Hurstville car park.

A wholesale jewellery company owner, 55, had arrived about 3.30pm for an impromptu meeting.

He had a large suitcase with jewellery including rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces from Italy.

He heard yelling from two men as he returned to his car after the meeting.

Hurstville heist

One man, with a closed fist, hit the owner’s left arm, leaving a small cut.

The men took the suitcase and fled the scene.

The men are described as Asian ​in appearance, 170-centimetres tall with dark hair; one is about 45, the other about 35.