The Student Code of Conduct is a guide for all Hybrid Krav-Maga (HKM) trainees. Students are expected to observe this conduct and show themselves to be both disciplined, respectful trainees on the mats, and also honorable, upstanding members of society. SGS Krav Maga takes the Code of Conduct seriously, and students who are found to violate the Code of Conduct will not be accepted for testing or, in cases of repeated or severe violations, can be removed from the organisation.


Treat all HKM members, Instructors, staff, and members of the public with integrity and respect.

  • Treat HKM members, Instructors, and Staff with respect, regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, political beliefs, and socio-economic status.
  • Give due respect to Instructors and Staff, and abide by their authority in the School and with regards to Krav Maga.
  • Respect the formal line up at the beginning and end of each class. Stand straight, be attentive, and do not chat with other Students.
  • Do not publicly criticize or denigrate other HKM Students or Instructors.
  • Follow the guidelines for Grading / Level Testing, especially the minimum training requirements for each level. If your Instructor does not authorize you to test for any reason, do not negotiate or insist on grading. Rather, seek to improve and meet the requirements for the next round of testing.
  • Pay your dues on time, and respect the tuition set by your school. HKM HQ regulates all fees to schools to ensure they are reasonable fees to Students while maintaining a high quality of teaching and training. If you are undergoing financial hardships but wish to continue training with us, please inform your Instructor or School Owner immediately. Assistance can be provided at the discretion of Instructors or Schools Owner for students who display good ability and character and who are undergoing genuine financial hardship.
  • When visiting other schools, whether SGS or not, be respectful of their rules, instructions, and training culture. Do not insist on your way.


When in the training studio, Students are expected to be mindful of their behavior before, during, and after class.

  • Be on time, be in proper training attire, and be ready to train.
  • Always pay attention to the Instructor and not to other distractions.
  • If you come late or early, do not join a class that has already started without acknowledgment or instruction from the Instructor or Assistant. Similarly, do not leave the training room in the middle of class without first getting permission from the Instructor or Assistant.
  • During class, avoid non-class related conversations with fellow students. Remember that you and everyone else have come to train.
  • Be a good training partner. Feed attacks properly and hold pads as your Instructor directs you so that your partner can train and learn the techniques properly, and to avoid injury.
  • Practice only what you are taught, and always follow the directions of the Instructor.
  • No horseplay in the training area.
  • Do not use the training space or equipment without authorization or for your own personal training, unless you have the specific permission of your instructor.
  • Do not borrow another person’s equipment without his/her permission.
  • If you come early, be seated and wait for class to start. After class, clear the room to make space for the next class.


Always act with integrity and honor, and avoid boastful or braggart behavior.

  • Do not use the techniques you are taught to initiate fights or show off.
  • Do not misrepresent or exaggerate your qualifications, grade level, experience, activities or role in SGS, HKM, and Krav Maga. Modesty is expected and required.
  • Respect the distinction between Student and Instructor, and avoid “teaching” other people Krav Maga techniques, whether in casual or formal situation.
  • Avoid any circumstances where there is a potential for a real or perceived conflict between your personal interests and those of your school and Instructors.


Be mindful of safety in training, both for yourself and for fellow Students.

  • Maintain good hygiene. Come to class clean all the time, and do not come when sick.
  • Remove all jewelry, watches, and hardware and keep pockets empty when training, for your own safety and the safety of others.
  • No sparring / fighting unless in a Fighting Class supervised by an Instructor.
  • Never lose your temper in training, especially in fighting / sparring.
  • Always look out for the health and well-being of your training partner.
  • Always hold pads correctly and feed attacks in accordance with what is being taught, as incorrect pad holding and attacks can result in injury. If you are unable to do this for whatever reason, inform the Instructor so he can provide a solution.

SGS Krav Maga offers training with a high physical intensity load as well as potentially high-contact among students.

Safety in training is a primary concern and a responsibility we take very seriously.

The Terms and Conditions described below are in place to protect all
students of SGS Krav Maga and ensure the highest standards of
cleanliness and safety are provided to all.

As conditions of training, all students agree:

1. To abide by high personal hygiene, cleanliness, and safety standards when entering the gym and when training.
This includes, but is not limited to, a clean body habitus, appropriate
clothing, and appropriate personal protective equipment. We reserve the
right to ask a student to leave if these standards are not observed.

2. When training in shoes, to train only in indoor shoes, or wiped down outdoor shoes inside the gym. Students
may alternatively choose to train in socks. This measure is to prevent
infections from mat training and keep the gym clean. Wet wipes for
cleaning outdoor shoes before entering the training area are provided on
request at the front desk.

3. Alcohol and drug consumption before training is not tolerated.
To ensure safety for students and their training partners, any student
suspected of having consumed alcohol or drugs will be immediately asked
to leave the premises. This is a zero-tolerance policy and SGS Krav Maga
reserves the right to ask any student to leave immediately if alcohol
or drug consumption is suspected.

4. Any student entering the gym who demonstrates a lack of regard
for the safety of other students in training will be immediately asked
to leave.

Any student who enters the gym for a free trial, membership, or as
part of any other event is expected to abide by the health and safety
terms and conditions outlined above.

SGS Krav Maga reserves the right to remove any student who is
judged to present a threat to the health and safety of other students at
any time.

The decision as to the permanence of the removal of the student is
at the discretion of SGS Krav Maga and is decided on the basis and with
the objective of maintaining a safe training environment for all.



Abide the laws of the land, act in accordance with and uphold the HKM Regulations.

  • Maintain a clean criminal record, seek to respect and abide by the laws of his / her country of residence, as well as any other territories he/she visits.
  • Abide by regional and international HKM regulations as provided by your school. Always act in accordance to the spirit and the letter of these regulations.