First time?

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, all attendees must check in to the COVID Safe QR  and must be temperature scanned before entry. SGS Krav Maga’s COVID-19 re-opening guidelines can be found here.

Before class

Come in about 10-15 minutes earlier and sign in with our friendly staff at the front desk.

Wear proper attire – t-shirts, shorts or pants with covered shoes. Tights are preferred if you’re wearing shorts (but optional) in case we do ground fighting skills for the day. A change room is located at the back of gym if you need to change.

Leave your bags in the locker room area.

Wait for your class. There is a waiting area inside or you can hang outside the gym while waiting. Feel free to strike up a conversation with others who are waiting.

During Class

Join the line and we will ask you to introduce yourself if you’re new. We will take care of you!

Wear protection. Groin guards are a must. It’s self defence. No groin strikes, no Krav Maga. We have groin guards for you if you don’t have one.

Our classes are structured. There will be a series of warm-up exercises, stretching, PT and games designed specifically to teach the technique of the day. Every day will never be the same. That’s what makes Krav Maga so unique.

The instructor will run the class through the technique of the day. Find a partner, introduce yourself to him/her and start practicing. Ask if unsure. Keep your water bottle in the waiting area. There will be short breaks in between.

There will be a summary drill at the end of the class. A certain element of stress (physical, mental or both) is placed on you as you execute techniques. Just do your best. Don’t worry if you fail. Just don’t give up!

After Class


Shake hands (or fist bump/high five) your partner. Proceed to collect your belongings.

Change and approach the counter for assistance if you’d like to join us or ask more questions on Krav Maga!

Chill out with your friends.