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KRAVMAGEDDON IS COMING. 2 December 2023. 15 hours of uninterrupted, pure Krav Maga training. The one event to end them all. 15 hours of non-stop krav maga training starts 2 december 2023 @ 9.00amEnds 2 December 2023 @ 12.00am CLICK TO ACCEPT THE CHALLENGE Are you ready to embark on

self-defence on public transport workshop

Self-Defence On Public Transport Workshop

It’s not a secret that people don’t feel safe on public transport… And why should they?  Nearly every day, the headlines cover news stories of brutal and random attacks happening on buses and trains, perpetrated against innocent people, most often at random.  This is just one recent example, where a

safeguarding from robberings and muggings while travelling

Krav Maga POV: Staying Safe While Travelling

Keeping yourself safe while travelling is important. While travelling to new locations is undoubtedly thrilling, it also comes with unique challenges. One potential risk many travellers face, particularly in unfamiliar territories, is becoming victims of theft, robbery, or mugging. At SGS Krav Maga, we strongly believe in the power of

bar fighting workshop self defence

Bar Fighting Workshop: 4 Lessons Learned

Did you know 1 in 4 assaults in Sydney happen at places with bars? We ran a Bar Fighting Workshop, here’s what we covered. Where are you most likely to be assaulted? According to the Bureau of Statistics it’s a licensed premises. Truly (not) shocking that 34% of all assaults