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yoga and cults

PART I – The Yoga Mind Virus: Yoga Cults

Yoga is a practice that has been around for thousands of years. It is often associated with physical and mental well-being. However, in recent years, there have been a growing number of reports that it can be much more insidious and noxious, and far less innocent than it first appears.

sambo vs bjj

BJJ vs Sambo — Which One Is Better?

Whether you are into grappling or not, you have likely heard about BJJ and Sambo. These are the two best grappling arts, highly effective in sports combat. But when it comes to BJJ vs Sambo, which one is better and why?  Sambo is a Russian military hand-to-hand combat system that

krav maga vs bjj

Krav Maga vs BJJ For Self-Defence: Which Is Better?

Krav Maga vs BJJ for self-defence is a common enough comparison. Which is better? Which one actually works? The two are very different, but BJJ has been touted as a great self-defence system. Is this true? When comparing two styles of self-defence or martial arts there are a few ways

defending a home invasion workshop at SGS Krav Maga 2022

Defending A Home Invasion: 4 Lessons Learned

Defending a Home Invasion was a workshop we had planned for some time. The idea of an unwelcome stranger or strangers in your house terrifies everyone, yet is unfortunately common enough in Sydney to prepare for. In fact, there are three home invasions a night in our local area of

best self-defence gym 2022 sgs krav maga hurstville

SGS Krav Maga Wins Award For Best Self-Defence Gym

SGS Krav Maga was named Outstanding Fitness Service at the 2022 Local Business Awards!  It’s great to be recognized for our achievements and the community we have formed. It is a big sacrifice that all the instructors make to train at the level they do. It is also a huge