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Carjacking and Road Rage

The following was wriiten by Eyal Yanilov Two hours after I finished teaching an anti-carjacking and road rage seminar in Florida, there was a carjacking

Student Account of Real Life Attack

The following is a shared account From Aaron Moore KMG Instructor from KMG New Zealand. Hey guys… always good to hear stories of Krav protecting

Strengthening Your Grip

The following article was penned by Peter Lakatos So you pair up with this guy, and you know it is going to hurt. The subject

First Trial Lesson is FREE!

You have nothing to lose and plenty to gain, SGS Krav Maga offer a no obligation first trial lesson FREE! So what are you waiting

SGS GIC Team Complete Part 1

Well after 12 long days, the SGS Krav Maga GIC team have completed Part 1 of the GIC Instructor course. The team worked hard and

Active Shooter Defence

Anyone who has done Krav Maga, even for just a short while, have realized that we are vulnerable to violent attacks from bad people if