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SGS GIC Team Complete Part 1

Well after 12 long days, the SGS Krav Maga GIC team have completed Part 1 of the GIC Instructor course. The team worked hard and remained focused throughout and are now keen to be back in the gym to start practising what they have learnt. Part 2 of the GIC

eyal yanilov knife defence

Knife Attacks and Knife Defences – Part 2

Knife attacks are becoming common. The success of a knife defence depends on the skills, level of awareness and preparation of the defender. A knife attack response can vary from panic to strong opposition, but again it depends on the elements mentioned above. One of the most common reactions is

defence against knife attacks

Knife Attacks and Knife Defences – Part 1

Knife attacks are common. In fact, the knife is probably the most commonly used weapon in violent, non-military confrontations.   It is not surprising due to its availability and ease of purchase. Knives are commonly present in every home, office and shop. Another factor that makes knives a weapon of

Eyal Kick Defence

Krav Maga Podcast Ep.7

The Krav Maga Podcast is brought to you by Krav Maga XD’s Joey Karam based in California. In this episode Joey Karam interviews Eyal Yanilov, head of Krav Maga Global (KMG) and the highest ranked Krav Maga Instructor in the world.

focusing on the mission

Focusing on the Mission in Krav Maga

In Krav Maga classes, we regularly tell our students to “focus on the mission”. Focusing on the mission make all the difference. Not only because it sounds cool, or because it comes from Krav Maga’s history in the military, but because it is important for the student to focus on