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Another Day in the Office… with Eyal Yanilov

Author: Eyal Yanilov Some years ago Tommy Blom, Richard Fagan, both members of our Global and International Teams, and I were teaching a special unit somewhere out east. During one of the days we conducted different sessions in a “training village” where we practiced shooting, driving, avoiding driving vehicles, performed


Teaching Women Self Defence

Teaching women self defence requires a different approach. Women are, on average, smaller and less powerful than men. A woman’s muscle is 30% weaker than a man of the same size. Comparing a 60kg, 165 cm (132lbs, 5′ 5″) woman to a 90kg, 183cm man (198lbs, 6′.) is like comparing


How Do We Change?

How do we change? The mind creates thoughts. Thoughts evolve into action. The action becomes a habit. Habits build character. The character establishes the personality. The personality affects thoughts and thus changes you and your destiny.   If you wish to achieve something do it by changing yourself. Start with