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Why Should You Train KMG/ Self Defence?

Why should you train KMG / Self-defence? The truth is, a much better question would be – why should someone not make an effort to learn self-defense? No one even thinks about getting into deep water without knowing how to swim and if a thought like this comes to mind,


Krav Maga for Military Units, the Key to Success

In my years as an instructor in Krav Maga for military units I have been asked a few questions by commanders and leaders: Why would somebody who carries a rifle need to know how to punch and kick? Why would somebody who works in teams know how to protect himself

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Fighting Tactics in KMG

Author: Eyal Yanilov The person who knows how to use tactics in a fight will win the battle. Translated from Hebrew, in the bible it is written “with stratagem you will do war”. I want to continue where Tommy Blom and Dr Ole B left off, talking about the four “legs” of Krav Maga.

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Combining Krav Maga and Physical Training

In KMG we talk about 4 “legs” that we need to improve all the time, Technical, Tactical, Mental and Physical. If one of them is lacking the whole platform on top of them will fall to one side. I will talk about adding to Krav Maga and physical training. Physical


VIP Protection – Entering the Danger Zone

VIP Protection is a clear contradiction of self-defense. If another person is being attacked and you wish to protect yourself, it is obvious that, in most cases, the best thing would be to move in the opposite direction since the attackers are busy with their victim. But what if it is your brother or sister, your best friend or your fellow officer? What then?


KMG National Training Camp

We are holding another camp in 2014, this time in September. The camp will be themed around defending in confined areas. We will have cars and buses and an emphasis on CQB scenarios.