Krav Maga FAQ

Starting is really simple.
All you need to do is to attend one of our sessions in our schedule for you to participate.

In this class one of our fully qualified KMG Instructors will take you through the basic fundamentals of what Krav Maga is all about. Essentially a private session held separately to the main class.

Your first lesson is free of charge, this gives you an opportunity to determine whether Krav Maga is right for you.

If you decide to join you can then choose which payment plan suits you best for your class fees.

Yes. Women train in Krav Maga worldwide and are most welcome in any of our classes. However it is important that they note that some of the classes can be quite physical and have some confrontation and drills which may involve grabbing and lifting. Be assured that we take a strong stance against ANY form of sexual harassment.

Generally, the specific motivation for women to learn self defence is the capability to defend themselves against attack by a male. This can only really be achieved by having a male simulate an attack. Anyone can opt out of part of training at any time – no questions asked (other than to ensure you are OK).

By nature, training in self defence or martial arts always bears a risk of injury.

Students are required to acquire a mouth guard and groin guard as a minimum for training. These, along with other safety equipment, are available for order through the school. Safety of the student is a key concern of the system.

Students find that training a minimum of two nights a week generally yields the best results for retaining knowledge and adequate rest time.

You are still free to train as many times as you like  during the week.

No! We do not expect any of our students to have a high degree of physical fitness. We scale the intensity of the classes up or down depending on the level of fitness our students have.

It certainly does help if you do have some degree of fitness as some of the drills can be quite physically demanding, but don’t be discouraged. We’re here to train self defence first. The physical fitness that you WILL achieve is mainly a by product.

Students can wear the Krav Maga uniform (black pants with Krav Maga T-shirt). Please note that black t-shirts should not be worn. You are free to train in other (suitable) attire if you feel the need. A quarantined pair of suitable shoes for the mats should be worn (wrestling shoes are ideal) however Nike free-runs or equivalent are also suitable.

Note that, as this is a street defence system, there will be occasions when alternate forms of dress will be required, e.g. wearing jackets or overcoats so students become accustomed to training in attire worn in winter. The instructor will advise this prior to the time required.

There will be some light  contact, (which we call marking) but not for new students.

This ensures that they are not intimidated and protects the safety of others, as new students may not yet possess good control.

We try to strike a balance between realism and safety..