My Krav Maga Journey

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I had one of my daughter’s friends parent ask me why would I bother training in something so realistic. That I must be paranoid.

I explained to him that I would rather know everything about fighting and never have to use it than know nothing about fighting while I am in the middle of getting attacked.

I may be preaching to the choir here but I thought it prudent to bring up some points on why we bother training and progressing in a system that is so unforgiving.


Unlike sport fighting we do not have a date set on a calendar knowing when we are going to fight for our lives, we do not have a team of nutritionists and coaches at a camp preparing us and be there for us during the fight for moral support. We will not have the safety net of paramedics on site and referees immediately available to stop the fight if it gets out of hand and defeat is drawn.

We train the way we do to prepare ourselves for the worst day of our lives, which hopefully never comes. We train for self confidence, safety and the ability to walk in peace without unhealthy levels of anxiety. We train to defeat our demons, whether they be past incidents or interactions. We train to improve ourselves and be able to protect those we care about. In the military the term sheep dog is used, an animal that can protect the flock of sheep against predators. We must walk about with humility as we know what pain a fight can bring from the training that we do. Ask yourself why did you join the school? Was it for self-journey for a high rank? Was it for knowing the most realistic self defence system in the world? Was it for improving yourself? Perhaps staying fit? or just being able to feel safe…


Going back to the initial question I started this thread with… Why would I bother to now continue to train in something so realistic? I have reflected a lot on this question the entire week. I started Krav Maga to learn the most effective system in the world. I did not want to be a victim ever again, my goals changed throughout my journey from marvelling at people at P2 and imagining how amazing it must be to be a P2 to daring to dream to reach P5. I made Jerome’s ears bleed with the amount I used to whinge and carry on while he made me repeat drill after drill each and every lesson we did in his garage.

Finally after reaching P5 we had a plan. Reaching Instructor. That was my only goal. I walked into the GIC in 2014 not knowing anyone. After part 2 and witnessing Rune fail seven people in our GIC I was awarded G1. A school was formed and here we all are. I never had any aspiration to progress further than G1, but then I had a hunger that now I needed to be as good as humanly possible for my students. I gave myself a goal of no higher than G4. Last year I earnt my G5 and it was one of the most emotionally intense moments of my life as my friend and GIT instructor Rune was there to award it and my student and now fellow SGS Instructor, Stella Antoniou whom I taught from scratch was there to witness it.

Our goals in progressing in this system change. I no longer do Krav Maga so I know the most realistic self defence. I do Krav Maga so I can teach my students the best self defence (Krav Maga) I can. You will find as you progress, your goals in the system will change as well. Welcome these changes, it means you are progressing as a stronger version of yourself and member of society.


Egos and tough talk have no place in the gym, humility is what we are about.


My goal now is to make my Krav an automatic reflex. No matter the strike. This I hope should be every students major goal.


My goal as an Instructor though is to have the best school in Australia, year after year and to be there to help you all improve and reach your goals for your Krav Maga journey.


Thank you for your patience in reading the ramblings of an Instructor.



Steven Kratsas

Head Instructor SGS Krav Maga