Krav Maga Instructor Daniel Villaverde

Daniel Villaverde

Certifications - Certified KMG General Instructor
Certified KMG KIds Instructor

Daniel started Krav Maga training in 2017 with SGS Krav Maga and has been to several National Krav Maga Global camps throughout the years.

In October 2020, Daniel completed his General Instructor Course with Adam White – Expert Level 3 in Sydney

Daniel has always been involved and interested in Martial Arts in some capacity over past 30years. Whilst all systems have their pros and cons Krav Maga is the only one that he found to be a complete system.

From the physical training to building a strong mental mindset and providing tactical solutions in various situations, Krav Maga ticked all the boxes and Daniel has never looked back.

Daniel is now to have the privilege of passing this knowledge onto others.