Krav Maga Instructor Kane


Certifications – Certified KMG General Instructor;
Certified KMG Combat Mindset Instructor

Kane started Krav Maga in 2014 and completed his Krav Maga instructor’s course with KMG (Krav Maga Global) in July 2017, under Franklyn Hartkamp Expert 4 (Netherlands).

Kane has journeyed through many different martial arts disciplines and started martial arts at a very young age. He has trained over four years in Karate, six years in Boxing and one year in MMA. Kane has competed in Sydney through Kempo Karate and also been a practitioner of Ninjitsu.

During the day Kane climbs trees and chops them down as an arborist. Kane is a hard working instructor with a goal to encourage individuals to become the best representation of themselves, being  able to protect themselves and their families in times of need.