ali yuldashev assistant sambo coach


Sambo Coach Ali Yuldashev with over 6 years experience in Sambo and Judo. 

He has more than three years of coaching experience alongside Sambo Master Aziz Yuldashev

Ali is a Sambo coach who has had:

  • More than 6 years of experience in Sambo
  • Several years of Assistant coaching experience alongside Aziz Yuldashev

Ali is a Dmitry Maximov Cup Winner and has 7 years experience in Judo. He is an Australian National and State Judo Champion with experience training Sambo and Judo in Uzbekistan and Japan.

Ali gained experience from and coaching alongside Aziz, and has won several awards, including:

  • ACT International Open Judo Champion;
  • Sydney International Open Judo Champion;
  • Melbourne International Judo Champion –
  • “Best Junior Man” Award from Budokan Judo Club 2022.


Ali is working Towards a Black Belt and Master in Sport in Sambo.