Defending A Home Invasion Workshop


What makes defending your home and family from a home invader different?

Find out on October 9 at the SGS Krav Maga Defending A Home Invasion Workshop.


When: Sunday, 9 October 2022 @ 5.00pm to 8.00pm
Where: SGS Krav Maga, 31A Barry Avenue, Mortdale


In the first of a series of workshops, we’ll be covering a scenario that terrifies everyone, yet is unfortunately common enough in Sydney to prepare for.

With an average of three home invasions a week in our local area alone, understanding the constraints and tactics that make defending your home and family from INSIDE your house is must-have knowledge for all students of self-defence.

The workshop, run mostly in low-light, will cover armed and multiple attackers, adapting to space constraints, strategies specific to home invasions and more.

The workshop is FREE FOR MEMBERS and $30 FOR NON-MEMBERS.

SGS Members: Use Coupon Code SGSMEMBER at checkout to register for free.

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