EDC Workshop: Using Everyday Carry For Self-Defence


When: Sunday, 15 January 2023 @ 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Where: SGS Krav Maga, 31A Barry Avenue, Mortdale, 2223


The SGS Krav Maga Everyday Carry workshop will cover items that are common and can legally be used for self-defence.

Your EDC, or everyday carry, are the things you tap your pockets for before you head out the door, the things you feel naked without, and the things that would throw off your whole day if you had to do without them.

In regular Krav Maga training we learn about mental preparedness, combat mindset, situational awareness, and how to predict and respond to the timeline of a fight.

Self-defence using EDC is rarely taught, but essential to round out your training. The EDC philosophy is founded on the principles of utility and preparedness. Each component of your EDC should serve a purpose or have at least one specific, useful function.

This Sunday, 15 January, we are running an EDC for Self-Defence Workshop. We will cover how tactical pens, mobile phones, torches, keys, umbrellas can be deployed with extreme effectiveness if you need to defend yourself from an aggressor in the street, at your home, or in a public place.

Learn how to use everyday carry in a variety of situations including pens and torches for self-defence, namely striking and clinching. The workshop will cover how to:

  • Use your mobile phone for devastating strikes
  • De-escalate using a torch
  • Use a pen to disable an attacker
  • Properly use keys for self-defence (spoiler: it’s not holding them between your knuckles…)

The workshop is FREE FOR MEMBERS.

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