Sambo Classes


Casual Rate for Sambo Classes taught by Sambo Master Aziz Yuldashev.

SGS Members can add Sambo classes to Membership Packs for an additional $20 per week.

Classes run on Fridays @ 7:15pm for 2 hours.

Sambo is one of the best martial arts one can learn for self-defence. It is one of the rare fighting systems that will teach you how to fight wherever the fight takes place. Unlike some other arts, Sambo is not one dimensional and it covers all elements of fighting similar to MMA does. Here are some of the crucial skills you will learn in Sambo that you can apply in street fighting:

Powerful Judo throws and sweeps
Wrestling takedowns
Various chokes and joint locks

Having strong grappling skills and knowing how to take a person down gives you a big advantage in street fighting. Taking the attacker down gives you space to either run away or secure a dominant position from which you can apply submissions. Combat Sambo training also teaches you how to use punches, kicks, elbows and knees to do damage. This form even includes “dirty” techniques like groin strikes one can use for self-defense. Not many other fighting systems will teach you how to use or defend against illegal tactics.