The Krav Maga for beginners (foundation class) is for all students who wish to brush up on their foundation level skills, including striking, footworks and defences all found in the Krav Maga Global curriculum at P1.

Krav Maga for Beginners is recommended to:

Students aged 14 and up
Students of all fitness levels
Students of all experience levels (beginners welcome)
Light - Beginner Friendly
Basic skills
10 - 20 people
1 hr
Monday and Wednesday
@ 6.00pm


When it comes to knowing how to defend yourself against a potential attacker, there are no methods more effective than Krav Maga. Krav Maga is a form of self-defense developed in the 1940s that is still applicable to many of today’s attack scenarios. Learning the skills taught in Krav Maga will not only strengthen your body but also helps you to be well-prepared in an unwanted altercation.

The Krav Maga for beginners (foundation class) is for all students who wish to brush up on their foundation level skills, including striking, footworks and defences all found in the Krav Maga Global curriculum at P1.

Here are three reasons why Krav Maga is good for self-defense:


Whether physical fitness is your goal or not, Krav Maga will train your body through grappling, strikes, and techniques. You’ll probably notice some soreness the next day, but that’s expected when you move your body in new ways. Over time, your physical health and fitness will improve.

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Krav Maga for Beginners


Through physical training, you’ll be more prepared to ward off any attacker that may present themselves. Krav Maga teaches you how to anticipate an attack and know exactly how to escape in any real-life scenario. You’ll learn throughout your classes some of the strikes and blows that work in specific scenarios. Light fitness movements, along with punches, kicks, groin kicks, choke defenses, are incorporated into the class. You’ll also defend yourself from multiple attackers and different angles. Partner work is required, and on occasion, more than one partner at a time.


The Krav Maga techniques you learn in your martial arts practice aren’t left on the mat. The skills you learn in class apply to your everyday life. Making Krav Maga part of your lifestyle includes the knowledge of how to ward off attackers and protect yourself in many different scenarios. Imagine yourself walking through life with the confidence instilled through the teachings of Krav Maga classes.

1) Krav Maga for Beginners (Foundation Class), is a 1 hour, Monday and Wednesday session at 6pm

Due to it’s lightweight itinerary, its advised for all students, especially beginners with no prior experience in fighting styles.

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SGS Krav Maga is a self defence school specialising in authentic Krav Maga direct from Israel under the KMG banner. We run Krav Maga for beginner and are located in Sydney’s St George region. We teach you practical fight skills to protect yourself and get fit in the process. Krav Maga is a modern, practical, and proven system of self-defense for today’s volatile world.

You will learn solutions to common assault scenarios using easy-to-learn techniques that are designed for a high level of proficiency in a short period of time. It’s the real deal taught to soldiers and police around the world who don’t have a lot of time training before they’re in the field facing live situations and relying on Krav Maga to potentially save their life. Much more than a Martial Art. Krav Maga Black is your insurance policy against the unknown.

Our Krav Maga for Beginner classes are fun and friendly with egos left at the door to ensure a fantastic community vibe of people wanting to learn and to stay safe.

Look and feel good with skills to back it up.

Our members say that we’re the number 1 gym for Krav Maga in Sydney because right from the beginning you will learn practical skills, from high level, certified instructors in a non-threatening environment.

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SGS Krav Maga civilian instructors bring Krav Maga direct from the source – Krav Maga Global. To teach the best you must learn from the best and we take enormous pride in maintaining links with elite levels within the Krav Maga Global community, and civilian Krav Maga experts in Tel Aviv and Netanya who trained to Instructor level under Krav Maga founder Imi Lichtenfeld.

Self-mastery is a crucial aspiration. If you can develop a healthy sense of body awareness and movement, and control your emotional and physical responses under stress, then you are on track to achieve a sense of quiet peace. With that, your personal greatness is within reach. SGS Krav Maga empowers you with skills to grow into a confident person who embraces challenges, living life to your full potential.
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In everyday life, the possibility of finding yourself in a violent situation is slim, but not altogether impossible. The reality is that the natural bodily responses to a threat would make it extremely difficult to execute the techniques taught in traditional martial arts.

The key to Krav Maga is simplicity – learning how to neutralise an attacker by using the natural reflexes of the body as a base for self-defence. While it was originally developed for military combat, it has since been further developed specifically for use by civilians.

You hope that you never need to use Krav Maga, but violence is random and if it visits you, hopefully, you’ve invested wisely in skills to save your life.

Learn real self-defence techniques that have been developed for the real-life circumstances.

We use a 3-pronged approach to developing your skills in the reality-based self defense of Krav Maga for Beginners.

Technical training

You will learn how to overcome common attacks with blocks, strikes, prevention, and awareness.

Physical training

Fitness is key to your general preparedness for dealing with work and life stress, plus the hormonal response to a violent encounter. The fitter you are, the better you can deal with…everything. We incorporate basic elements of fitness used to physically prepare professionals working in dangerous and stressful situations. Our bodies are the same.


You will develop the skills and mindset to execute moves when it counts. At SGS Krav Maga we simulate violent assault scenarios in a controlled environment. This prepares you with Blueprinting and if you are called to defend yourself then you will be in familiar territory.

What can you expect in our Krav Maga for beginner classes?

The training comes from real-life violence and threats reported in our local community. This ensures we are dealing with reality-based self-defence as attacks today are vastly different from 15 years ago. And unrecognisable to Martial Arts styles developed hundreds of years ago.

The Krav Maga Global syllabus looks at the specific threats and problems that people have faced. We look at responses that are needed and work under pressure, and what doesn’t work.

The training program involves level-appropriate concepts for what you will need to know in a given situation. Fitness is a component of each class to ensure that we are able to adapt to stress.

This value-added component means you won’t have a need for any Crossfit or gym membership as you can use the SGS Krav Maga facilities to add strength and fitness to your personal needs.

Fighters need to be strong and we pride ourselves on being a one-stop shop with professional instructors and qualified personal trainers on tap to transform yourself.

Each class looks at how a technique fits the problem being faced and delivers a learning experience that will be fun, interesting, and rewarding.

A thorough Warm-Up is done to prepare the body to avoid injury for training and set the rhythm and mindset for the desired training outcomes. A revision of previously learned or related techniques is briefly touched on the reinforced movement patterns.

New techniques are introduced with clear instructor demonstrations and explanations, then solo practice, then partner practice. Intensity is added in a range of summary drills that escalate the problem being solved. 

Each class looks at how a technique fits the problem being faced and delivers a learning experience that will be fun, interesting, and rewarding.

Intensity is added in a range of summary drills that escalate the problem being solved. 

SGS Krav Maga is for people who know the difference.

Our greater mission is to help you live a bolder, more active life, without limitations. If you’re bored of the gym, injured by cross fit, beyond bootcamp, and don’t fit a traditional martial arts mold, then SGS Krav Maga is here to transform you.

Train with us and you’ll be Fit, Strong, and Ready for any challenge that life throws at you.

For a real-world-based approach to martial arts in Sydney, join us.

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