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With its roots in military hand-to-hand combat, Krav Maga is a practical system of self-defence, combat mindset training, and close quarter combat (CQC) that is indispensable knowledge for military, law enforcement, protective services, first-responders, and those working in the security industry.

Used by military and law enforcement agencies worldwide as the system of choice for self-defence and combat, it has since been adapted for civilian use.

With decades of experience in training police and military personnel, SGS Krav Maga has become a training home for students who work in law enforcement and protective services and want to keep their field skills sharp.

We offer a flexible schedule of classes that suits shift-work as well as a heavily discounted membership rate in recognition of the importance of those who work to keep our communities safer.


Drawing from extensive experience in the military and the MILES industry, as well as over a decade of training experience, our instructors use direct applied knowledge and expertise to deliver relevant, practical training based on honed expertise in training police, special forces, soldiers, and other protective services personnel. Through our training programs, we strive to improve the capabilities, safety, and security of our community including individuals, families, first responders, law enforcement and military professionals.

Krav Maga training adapted for the police force, soldiers, paramedics, and security officers is essential.

krav maga tactical training for police officers

From verbal de-escalation techniques to unavoidable physical confrontations, with and without a weapon, we provide law enforcement personnel training with the most effective, direct, timely, and context-appropriate defensive and offensive techniques. Regular training improves an officer’s critical skills and decision-making abilities in stressful situations, as well as providing the mental and physical conditioning required to perform at their peak.

We teach students to apply context-appropriate tactics and techniques to solve time-sensitive, potentially dangerous problems, real-time and under simulated conditions of stress and/or fatigue. By providing consistent exposure to realistic and dynamic situations, officers learn to successfully condition themselves to transfer that training to enhanced performance in high-stress, real-world situations.

Students learn a variety of tactics to de-escalate, disarm, or overpower a threatening individual or group, taking into account the constraints placed on the Officer by State and Police Regulations, as well as the situation itself. This includes training to use the minimum force necessary to control a dangerous situation, as well as pre-emptive force when required.

self-defence training for first responders

First responders, like paramedics and police officers, often encounter distressing, challenging, and violent situations in their everyday work. Self-defence and tactical training is imperative for both mental health and feelings of preparedness and personal safety, as well as physical preparedness to deal with aggression and violence.

Our students are firstly trained to prevent physical confrontations in a variety of situations – verbal de-escalation, as well as controls that may be executed when verbal de-escalation fails but restraint of the threat is needed. They are also taught and the most effective techniques to deal with hostile acts when required, whether or not the aggressor is holding a weapon such as a gun or a knife when attacking.

With regular training, first-responders successfully condition themselves to perform and defend in high-stress, real-world situations they may encounter at work.

SElf-defence and third-party protection training for security officers

Third-party protection is the third pillar of Krav Maga. Techniques and tactics used to protect others is regularly covered in our classes. Our instructors are trained to teach a variety of options for a scenario that may include restraints to stop a threat, controls to remove a threat, or counter-attacks to neutralise an act of aggression towards a third-party.
Our instructors are aware of the context-specific requirements in which security officers operate and incorporate these into our training to ensure security personnel have a toolbox of techniques to choose from when faced with any type of situation.

REALISTIC, PRACTICAL SELF-DEFENCE TRAINING for police, military & first-responders


TACTICAL TRAINING FOR the military and government entities

With its roots in military Close-Quarter-Combat (CQC) Krav Maga is the system of choice for militaries worldwide. Training Krav Maga physically and mentally prepares soldiers to succeed in a variety of sgages, levels, and durations of attacks. Our instructors are trained in CQC and teach the most edirect, quick ,and effective methods to neutralise any threat with a focus on creating muscle memory for soldiers to instinctively respond to any type of threat.

To enhance the level of training, we create scenarios based on physical and mental stressors military personnel may encounter to persevere in hostile situations to maximise realism.

We use weapons including knives, guns, and sticks and train preeptive force, coordinating with other response units, and drills that instill selfless service.

Where to Learn Krav Maga

There are hundreds of gyms and dedicated studios around Australia offering instruction and classes in Krav Maga.

Look for an established practice with a dedicated clientele and track record, as well as experience in with the unique needs of law enforcement, military, and first-responders. Avoid the McDojos, as they are often ‘belt factories,’ more concerned with the bottom line than with turning out proficient practitioners.

If you’re looking for intense, hands-on combat training, fit-boxing class at your local gym are probably not what you need. Having said that Krav Maga is not some MMA style brawl but a systematic self defence training designed to prepare you to be able to minimize the risk of harm to you and your colleagues in the event of a conflict.

If you would like to try Krav Maga, contact SGS Krav Maga for group classes, personal training, team building, and company courses.

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Protective Services MEMBERSHIPS

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Protective Services silver Pack

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Protective Services Unlimited gold Pack

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Actively serving Defence Force, Law Enforcement, Fire and Ambulance personnel – sign up for your chosen membership and present your ID to the instructor at your first training session, and we will apply our protective service rates to your fees.