SGS GIC Team Complete Part 1

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Well after 12 long days, the SGS Krav Maga GIC team have completed Part 1 of the GIC Instructor course. The team worked hard and remained focused throughout and are now keen to be back in the gym to start practising what they have learnt.

Part 2 of the GIC resumes in July where, upon completion, the team will be awarded their Instructor grade.


The Instructor update also took place at Krav Maga Newcastle during the 7th of April through till the 10th of April. Updates are important calender events for Instructors, as it is a time where they can be assessed on their performance and also be updated on techniques that may have been altered by KMG.

Photos below were taken throughout the course and the Instructor update.


12928270_10208609492893275_1789659909929811112_n  12933008_10208609493333286_5385168211662865177_n 12938223_10208609494013303_4195760893023478033_n 12938353_10208625283888040_4875630176099163411_n 12963379_10208609492773272_3022027218402761834_n 12974338_10208609493213283_5964371769250062326_n 12994307_10208625284448054_902576449608298730_n 12994391_10208664043216999_6129079282021660107_n 12994432_204058093311411_4658618724144471463_n

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