SGS Krav Maga Named Finalist in the 2023 Australian Small Business Champion Awards

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Australian Small Business Champion Awards Finalist 2023

SGS Krav Maga has been selected as a Finalist
in the Australian small Business Champion Awards 2023!

The Australian Small Business Champion Awards are the only dedicated national program recognizing small businesses across the country.  We are told that over 4,500 quality entries were received from small businesses across Australia.

This is all very new to us…

We have had our heads down for so long working as hard as we can to give our local community access to world-class, no-holds-barred, realistic, practical self-defence classes, that this is the first year we’ve put our hand up for this award… and we are truly thrilled to be short-listed.

Last year, we were honored to win our category in the St George Local Business Awards for Outstanding Fitness Services.
It’s important to pause every once in a while and look around at what you’ve built. In the last couple of years, we launched the Self-Defence Is A Right Program to make self-defence classes accessible to everyone, even to those who are financially the most vulnerable.
We’ve launched the Protective Services Discount in recognition of the importance of the work our emergency services personnel do for all of us, and the difficulty of scheduling classes around shift work.
We’ve been published in BlueStar Magazine, a publication for the Australian Federal Police Force. We’ve been written about in The Leader for our SDR Program as well as the work we do as part of our Women’s Self-Defence Program.
We’ve launched SAMBO Classes to give our students the opportunity to learn a world-class ground-fighting combat sport to supplement their Krav Maga training. We were the first gym in Metropolitan Sydney to do so.
From March, we’ll be offering SAMBO Classes twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays, as well as a monthly SAMBO Seminar with SAMBO Master Aziz Yuldashev. We’ve focused on giving students access to classes with a real SAMBO Master, not mastery in other martial arts and a familiarity with Sambo.
So, when we take a moment to look around, what do we see?

We see a strong, thriving, tight-knit, wonderful community of students small and large(r), a committed and incredibly talented instructor team, and self-defence school that is home to many, refuge for some, and for everyone – a place to train, learn, get fitter and stronger.

We are so proud of you all. Thank you, as always, for trusting us with your training. It means the world to us.
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