SGS Krav Maga joins Hybrid Krav-Maga

We are now a member of one of the global Hybrid Krav Maga schools, founded in 2023 by KMG Master Level 1 Instructor, Tommy Blom.

Our instructors have spent the last 3 months training 8 hours every weekend to ensure our students are getting the best and most up-to-date training in self-defence.

We are making this change for you, our students – current and future – because we are committed to ensuring we teach you techniques that work, we train you in ways that develop you in the most efficient and effective ways possible, both physically and mentally.

The million dollar question: what is Hybrid Krav Maga?

Hybrid Krav-Maga is a hybrid between Krav Maga and competitive full contact fighting systems based on striking, grappling and wrestling in any standing or grounded environment.

This makes Hybrid Krav-Maga a hybrid fighting and self-defense system developed to maximize the efficiency of the practitioner to survive any type of situation in any type of context with an individualized approach to movement.

HKM has a strong base built on efficiency and functionality that is similar for all types of groups going from civilian self defense to Special Operations.

HKM is different in so many ways, solutions, methods, teaching methods, movement patterns, individual freedom, details, openness, cooperation, adaptation, R&D.

This means that HKM is not a carbon copy of any other krav maga organization doing another version of what everyone else is doing.

We believe in learning and teaching attachment fighting alongside striking. 


What else makes us different?

Behavior driven responses. 

HKM splits every solution into Grappling (attachment) and Striking, and each of those into Active and Reactive. With that and natural movement as a base everyone can follow their reactions.

MMA-based fighting. 

This means that the first stripes of the system is directed towards building a strong fighting base based on MMA, which is free and open system based on principles, methods and efficiency on an individual basis.

Individual freedom. 

No one is bound by how solutions “have to be” because it has to fulfill checkpoints. HKM teaches more solutions so that everyone can choose what fits them the best.


HKM does not have gradings or tests, students are awarded their new levels when their instructor feel it is the right time. This goes for ALL levels, no extra courses or essays/articles needs to be written to test … We allow freedom to the individual to find their own style of HKM


A few questions to ponder over… 
  • Do you learn fundamental movements and solutions that allows you to develop your own “style” inside the system or do you have to tick the boxes because that’s “the way it should be done” in a test?
  • Do you train techniques that you don’t feel work for you or you don’t trust?
  • Is your training done with predetermined patterns that isn’t representative to conflict?
  • Does your training allow you to learn how to embrace chaos?
  • Do you learn to lose in training?




If you haven’t started with us yet, now is the perfect time to do so. Remember, your first class is comletely free.

If you haven’t trained in a while, now is the time to come back and experience a hybrid training system that has something to add to everyone, no matter what their past training has been.

Understand – Practice – Apply


Embrace Chaos Hybrid Krav-Maga