SGS Krav Maga Wins Award For Best Self-Defence Gym

best self-defence gym 2022 sgs krav maga hurstville

SGS Krav Maga was named Outstanding Fitness Service at the 2022 Local Business Awards! 

It’s great to be recognized for our achievements and the community we have formed.

It is a big sacrifice that all the instructors make to train at the level they do. It is also a huge sacrifice for their families as they allow the instructors to follow their passion in training the students.
Thank all of you who voted for us and have supported the school along the way. Thank you to all the staff of SGS KRAV MAGA for sharing the vision and thank you to the families that have been patient in this journey.
best self-defence gym st. george area

Since 2014, we have been a part of our local community, helping students learn real, practical self-defence skills… but it hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

We’ve nurtured and grown one of the largest instructor teams in the country.

We’ve watched our Kids and Teens Self-Defence students grow up with us and alongside one another.

We survived the COVID pandemic together, while apart… long months of free online classes and voluntary membership fees. It was a tough time then, and we’ve worked with you as we’ve all emerged from the shadows of lock-downs.

We’ve launched the Self-Defence Is A Right Program to help those in the community who are struggling financially learn self-defence, and have recently announced a Protective Services Discount to help those on the front-lines access our services.

And we are so proud of our community for how it welcomes and supports new and long-time students, among so many other things.

Thank you for the support, for trusting us with your self-defence training, for making SGS Krav Maga the supportive, warm, and welcoming community that it is. It means the world to us.

We can’t wait to share our plans with you…

Onwards and upwards.