Success Stories

A huge number of people across the world resolve to improve their health and fitness. For some this means losing weight, for others it’s gaining muscle, and for some people, it’s more about working on developing a healthy mindset. Transforming your physique, health, and lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight.

Alex, 30

I started Krav Maga to learn self-defence.

As a single mother, I wanted to know that I could protect my family if I had to. What I found at SGS Krav Maga was far more than a system of self-defence.

The fitness benefits are a bonus (I’ve never been stronger!) Steve’s deep knowledge of and passion for Krav Maga means that, through him, I learned a way of thinking about my environment, how to assess risk, how to compensate for my weaknesses and utilize my strengths, how to de-escalate conflict… and when an attack is my best defence. His teaching isn’t linear because life isn’t linear: you’ll learn what you need to know not what the “colour of your belt” says you’re ready for. But more than the mindset and skillset, SGS gave me a community.

I’ve learned as much from Steve and the instructors (who are, hands down, the best in the country) as I have learned from my partners and my peers. Join SGS Krav Maga. I can near guarantee that you’ll be fitter, more confident, laugh a whole lot, and learn to access and control an inner strength you may not have known was in you.

ALEX G SGS Krav Maga

RYAN, 24

Before I started Krav Maga, I had no experience in fighting or self defence and was quite overweight.
I had just been involved in an altercation with multiple attackers that had left me feeling anxious about my ability to protect myself and those I care for. I came along to my first class hoping to find a few quick-fix moves, but what I found was so much more.
The community that Steve has worked so hard to build was evident from the moment I entered the gym, and although I was very unfit and weighed 130 Kilograms, not once did I feel like I was being judged.
Watching Steve and the team deal with real-world problems with practical solutions had me hooked. While the training was hard, the instructors were very helpful and worked to adapt movements and techniques to meet the abilities of each individual. I found that after showing up consistently each week, the weight began to fall off me with me losing 30 kilograms.
Coming to SGS was a real turning point in my life – it gave me my health, a community, confidence and pride in myself, along with equipping me with the skills I need to protect myself and those around me.

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