Student Account of Real Life Attack

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The following is a shared account From Aaron Moore KMG Instructor from KMG New Zealand.

Hey guys… always good to hear stories of Krav protecting our students in real life. Here is one from earlier today from one of my quite small, female P1 students I think you will enjoy…

Hey, Aaron I almost got robbed this morning at the petrol station after work.

A. Did you use your Krav?

Had to Pretty scary

A: So what happened?

I went to fill petrol. It’s always pre-paid at that hour (1am). I got to the night pay window then a heard a guy come out of the car parked on the side of the station.

He came up behind me, yanked my hair and said “gimme your money china doll!”

I back kicked him in the nuts which surprised him then elbowed him in the left side of his head. He yelled “you bitch” and managed to grab my left wrist, so I then punch him in the nose. That made him let go and I ran to my car. The bloody service attendant just stood inside frozen staring the whole time.

Yelled back to the guy running to my car you picked the wrong china doll you egg!!

A: We might need to work on you swearing.

Drove home shaking with my almost empty tank.

A: You did really well!

Thank you. That was so scary. Even shaking a bit now just recalling the incident. I’m just glad I got away unharmed