Terms & Conditions


What information do we collect?

When you interact with us, we may collect your name, address, email address(es), telephone number(s), and, where appropriate, date of birth.

How do we collect information?

We may collect information about you whenever you interact with us. For example, when you contact regarding our activities, register as a supporter, send or receive information or sign a petition, you specifically and knowingly provide us with your personal information. We may also receive information about you from third parties – but only if you have given them permission to share your information.


We will not be responsible for the privacy of data collected by websites not owned or managed by SGS Krav Maga, including those linked through our website.

Making a complaint

If you are not satisfied with the response, please contact us at contact@sgskravmaga.com.au with the details explaining your concerns. We will review your complaint and investigate if the right procedures have been followed and respond back to you as appropriate. We aim to complete this investigation within 15 working days of receiving your complaint, however, in some cases it may take longer. If you are still unsatisfied with the response, you may contact us again.

Terms & Conditions of Training - Health and Safety

SGS Krav Maga offers training with a high physical intensity load as well as potentially high-contact among students.

Safety in training is a primary concern and a responsibility we take very seriously.

The Terms and Conditions described below are in place to protect all students of SGS Krav Maga and ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and safety are provided to all.

As conditions of training, all students agree:

1. To abide by high personal hygiene, cleanliness, and safety standards when entering the gym and when training. This includes, but is not limited to, a clean body habitus, appropriate clothing, and appropriate personal protective equipment. We reserve the right to ask a student to leave if these standards are not observed.

2. When training in shoes, to train only in indoor shoes, or wiped down outdoor shoes inside the gym. Students may alternatively choose to train in socks. This measure is to prevent infections from mat training and keep the gym clean. Wet wipes for cleaning outdoor shoes before entering the training area are provided on request at the front desk.

3. Alcohol and drug consumption before training is not tolerated. To ensure safety for students and their training partners, any student suspected of having consumed alcohol or drugs will be immediately asked to leave the premises. This is a zero-tolerance policy and SGS Krav Maga reserves the right to ask any student to leave immediately if alcohol or drug consumption is suspected.

4. Any student entering the gym who demonstrates a lack of regard for the safety of other students in training will be immediately asked to leave.

Any student who enters the gym for a free trial, membership, or as part of any other event is expected to abide by the health and safety terms and conditions outlined above.

SGS Krav Maga reserves the right to remove any student who is judged to present a threat to the health and safety of other students at any time.

The decision as to the permanence of the removal of the student is at the discretion of SGS Krav Maga and is decided on the basis and with the objective of maintaining a safe training environment for all.