The Truth About CKM (Commando Krav Maga)

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Commando Krav Maga (CKM) Sucks: The Moni Aizik Expose

TLDR: If you are serious about self defence, be sure to do your research.

The following is an entry from the British Krav Maga Association

Why I wrote this article

Moni Aizik is a major problem to many bona fide Krav Maga Instructors and organisations.

Aizik  is a Walter Mitty character infamous for his extensive range of claims to promote his own own 3/4 day Instructor courses. He calls his own system ‘ (CKM) Commando Krav Maga’ and attempts to associate it with Krav Maga or the Israeli Military.

No prior training or experience is required to attend and the quality of these ‘instructors’ is notoriously poor.

It has been estimated that 85-90% of these ‘instructors’ leave in the first year and go on to call themselves either Krav Maga Instructors or claim to teach  Krav Maga concepts, hybrid krav maga, krav maga mma or so on. Their biographies become curiously vague about  how they trained – or who with. One in training even started training his own “Krav Maga Instructors” based on his extensive 3 day course with Aizik (Irony intended).

This reflects poorly on us as Krav Maga Instructors and badly on Krav Maga as a system of training. We have a problem with this. Hence the article.

About Moni Aizik

Aizik describes himself as War Hero, former Special Forces Commando, Former Major in the Israeli Special Forces, Co – Founder of the Krav Maga system. And founder of the current Hand to Hand system used by the Israeli Special Forces.  Impressive reading?

moni ckd
Commando Krav Maga (CKD)

However, fact was somewhat less impressive than Aiziks fiction.

Aizik makes the following claims, (He has changed/taken some down from his site now)

  • He is a former Israeli Commando
  • He regularly teaches the Israeli Special Forces – and is flown over to teach them every month.
  • He founded the hand-to-hand system of the Israeli Special Forces.
  • He co founded Krav Maga with legendary founder Imi Lichtenfeld, spending a year ‘improving’ Imi’s Krav Maga system.
  • He is a Counter Terror Expert
  • He survived an ambush of 1000/2000 Syrian commandos (figure changes) and was one of only 4/7 (figures change) to do so escaping from behind enemy lines after killing all the Syrians.
  • He is a former officer of the special forces (Claims different ranks in different versions)
  • He is the former Chief Instructor of Krav Maga in the IDF

We pieced together available information from a range of sources from the UK, Australia, Canada and Israel. We have been in touch with former/current associates of Mr Aizik as part of our research and some Israeli military insiders. This is what we were able to find out. We add that these findings are provisional but we believe they are fairly accurate.

  • Aizik was never any kind Krav Maga Instructor in the army.
  • Aizik was never involved with delivering any Krav Maga programme in the IDF in any capacity.
  • He was never an Instructor under Imi or any other reputable Krav Maga teacher.
  • It appears Moni was a NOT a Commando. Aizik did NOT serve in any Special Forces. We understand that Aizik served briefly with a regular Infantry Brigade before being transferred to administrative duties.
  • Several reputable Israeli Forces instructors have made formal statements to the effect that Moni Aizik is not and has never been involved in teaching in the IDF now or previously.
  • Moni does not/did not teach Israeli Commandos. He has never done so in any official capacity. He ran a free seminar once which civilians and some military personnel may have attended. This came from a senior source within the Israeli Special Forces Training Division who actually teaches them
  • Imi retired from the IDF when Moni was only 10 years old. Moni never worked on the year long project in the IDF.
  • Moni was not an Officer in the IDF (believed to have left as an N.C.O)

In order to be fair and verify our findings, we contacted Moni Aiziks lawyers via email.

We did this on two separate occasions to give him the opportunity to respond to these findings. If he does produce reasonable evidence to support his assorted and extensive claims we will gladly retract this article. No evidence has been produced.

Organisations such as CKM and Tactical Krav Maga are gimmicks with instructors that are extremely vague with their Krav Maga experience.


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