VIP Protection – Entering the Danger Zone

Author: Eyal Yanilov

VIP Protection is a clear contradiction of self-defense. If another person is being attacked and you wish to protect yourself, it is obvious that, in most cases, the best thing would be to move in the opposite direction since the attackers are busy with their victim. But what if it is your brother or sister, your best friend or your fellow officer? What then?

Sometimes protecting others can be very simple.  You may have the opportunity to approach and attack the assailant in a very efficient manner, coming from a blind spot, maybe even using a common object that will enhance your impact and destructive force. For those who are less trained, this can be a very effective and simple solution, attack the aggressor to the best of your ability in the most sensitive and vulnerable points possible. Naturally the solution/technique you use and the damage you inflict should be fitting to the level of imminent danger. Please remember to follow the laws in your country, even if KMG has no rules.

To make participants smile, during a basic 3rd party and VIP protection techniques and tactics seminar, I usually take one of the trainees, and before the attacker performs an attack on him or her, I ask: “have you paid for the seminar yet?” If the answer is YES, I step away. If the answer is NO, I defend the trainee and say “if I don’t defend you, who will pay me? I need to protect you in order to get paid” 

Sometimes, however, attacking the assailant is not possible, not instinctive. In some situations the protector has a defensive response and not “attack the attacker” response. Natural responses may vary in different situations, against different kinds of attacks. A basic KMG technique is based on a natural response. Without this, as a fundamental principle, in time of immediate need the defender/protector will not be able to execute an effective, correctly timed technique. If you have a lot of time to think, contemplate, analyze and choose from several different ways of actions, then your reaction can be less intuitive and reflexive, simply because you are not in a fight/flight response. But when time is short and intuition and reflexes kick in, better the technique be close to, and based on, the natural response.

In KMG we have several very relevant and highly effective techniques of how to defend a VIP, a family member or a friend. The techniques are divided into several categories: pulling the VIP, so the attack will miss; pushing the VIP so the attack will miss or will not reach; moving the VIP and staying with him or her for further protection; moving the VIP and separating from him or her in order to fight and neutralize the dangers; deflecting or blocking the attack with your hands and legs and counterattack in the most appropriate way; ASAP evacuating the VIP from the danger zone. In some of the evacuation techniques the VIP moves autonomously, and in some we carry the VIP as he or she is unable to move; and more.

Protecting Others

VIP and 3rd party protection obviously include pre-fight and post-fight tactics. This is part of our modern Krav Maga. At KMG we teach an integrated system, tactically, technically, mentally and physically. When one has past the first stages of self-defense, the next phase is to focus on defending others and on higher levels of fighting skills and tactics. In the curriculum of the Practitioner Levels we already begin with 3rd party protection, and we also offer seminars and short courses in this subject. The mindset and the general approach are highly important. One has to develop them, since they contradict self-preservation instincts. When training this topic, try to visualize that you are defending a close family member like a parent, a brother or a sister, or your child or spouse. This will help you to ignite the protection response. You must avoid thoughts like: what may happen to me; I might be hurt; I am not good enough to do this; The attacker will kill me; or other negative thoughts. These thoughts will create destructive emotions such as fear, anxiety, anger, frustration and will deplete you from your mental resources. Focus on doing; concentrate on the job at hand. The axiom is that no one else will do this mission for you, so do not be destructed or distracted by non-relevant thoughts; neutralize this disturbing self-talk and monolog.

The majority of the day we are with other people. It can be with a friend, a colleague, or a family member. So the first thing to do in order to gain these protection abilities, is to start practicing the techniques and tactics of 3rd party and VIP protection.

Start by asking your instructor to teach and train you; look at the Practitioner and Graduate DVDs or MaxKravMaga; think about the subject; practice by yourself. I am sure you already have the initial tools and knowledge.

Protection of others is a vast subject. It is one of the three pillars of KMG, while the other two are self-defense and fighting and combat. We even offer higher instructors’ education that is specific for the VIP and 3rd Part protection. One doesn’t have to belong to a governmental protection unit to learn this. Everyone should, anyone can. So start training today .

There are many different Krav Maga organizations with different leaders heading them. Some were or are related to the origin and practice good KM while others just call themselves Krav Maga. As a serious practitioner, you should be looking for the authentic, real, correct and valuable instructor and knowledge, remember that we are dealing with life and death situations. So get the real life-saving skills and enjoy the practice and the other benefits of belonging to a great community, improving your physical fitness and acquiring courage, focus and other mental skills.