Why You Should Join KMG, The Strongest Krav Maga Organisation

When I first started in Krav Maga Global, the professionalism of Eyal Yanilov and his team of dedicated country directors, school owners and instructors struck me. I knew right from the beginning that the size of Krav Maga Global would grow exponentially.

Today, after four and a half years as the General Manager of Krav Maga Global by Eyal Yanilov (KMG) is the industry leader in self-defense and fitness. KMG is the biggest Krav Maga organization in the world, operating in more than 60 countries and with more than 700 affiliated schools worldwide. The KMG community is constantly growing and each year new clubs join the Krav Maga Global ranks, in what some say is the best Krav Maga organization in the world.

Eyal is the closest person alive today with roots going back the original Krav Maga and for many years, he was Imi Lichtenfeld’s closest student, and already back then considered by many as Imi’s successor. Eyal worked closely with Imi over the course of several years to develop Krav Maga as a system and in the eighties, he was responsible for the creation of the modern curriculum of Krav Maga most schools around the world are using today.

I am proud to be working for KMG’s owner and head instructor, Eyal Yanilov, who is the highest-ranking Krav Maga instructor in the world and Eyal has at one point or another trained almost all of the top-ranking Krav Maga instructors and practitioners (including many of the biggest competitors).

This fact alone is the biggest reason why anyone should join KMG, a worldwide community of schools, instructors and students!

Secondly, KMG is based in Israel. Many people have asked us about the authenticity of other organizations and if we can verify their credentials. Sadly, not all Krav Maga institutions have ties to the country of origin and this have a negative impact on all of us in the Krav community. After all, YouTube clips of people claiming to be Krav Maga instructors are everywhere and the stuff they are showing has nothing to do with Krav Maga. Here in Israel, KMG has a strong and very professional headquarters that includes experts in management, international marketing and logistics. We can – and do – support our own.

Thirdly, KMG has an International, highly qualified and professional team of Expert Instructors. This team, led by Eyal Yanilov, travel around the world Instructing local and International events, which enables the KMG affiliated clubs to benefit from their years of experience and expertise bringing the best Krav Maga Instructors in the world to your club! Each Instructor and Club Owner receive at least 8 days of training from our International team every year (Instructor Update) and can participate in special courses for Instructors, such as the VIP Instructor CourseLaw Enforcement Instructor Course (LEIC)Kids (KIC)Women Instructor Course (WIC) and many more.

I usually say, “If you want to be the best, train with the best”! Eyal Yanilov are responsible for most of the training material, articles, DVD’s and lesson plans available in the market. Most of the large scale Krav Maga organizations use and teach from the materials that KMG has to offer and build on the KMG curriculum. Every month we get an increasing amount of request from our competitors and affiliates of other organisations to buy books and DVD’s.

Over the years, we have made many changes to the organization and last year alone we launched some pretty amazing and new ways of helping our members. We have launched new material and DVD’s to our own video service, MaxKravMAga.com, where you can sign up, participate in our online community and look at all the updated training material we have to offer. We launched a completely new website and event system, which is geared for the next generation of sharing and distributing information to our members worldwide. This year we will be launching a new system that will help us manage and run our company even better.



KMG is active in more fields than just civilian training. We have many more special fields like Kids trainingWomen programsMilitary, Police and security units around the world.

We are constantly expanding our field of operations to new units and departments, and every year we teach and graduate dozens of specialist and unit members all over the world. One of our leading Global Team instructors have written a blog post about “The Key to Success by using Krav Maga by KMG in Units” which explains better the professional aspect of KMG.

Additionally, KMG’s Instructor Courses are regarded as some of the most professional Krav Maga qualifications available today by professionals, and for those who strive to teach Krav Maga. All over the world different Krav Maga organisations qualify instructors to represent their community, however, some of the organisations are qualifying instructors after only two or three days. They are effectively selling diplomas and certificates like you would go shopping at the grocery store and buy milk. They have reduced their requirements, and consequently lowered their standards, by making the courses shorter and easier for unqualified participants to complete. KMG is consistently demanding a high standard from our instructors with no reduction in requirements or length. KMG will never compromise the professionalism of our courses and the education of our instructors. Actually, we are currently evaluating adding more days to our instructor course as an effort to provide more and better training for our instructors.

I believe in values, and here at KMG we managed our organization according to a clear set of values, which we pass on to our Directors, School Owners and Instructors. The following is a list of these values:

  • Innovation
  • Self-control
  • Mutual respect
  • Protection of the weak
  • Building self-confidence
  • Preventing violence
  • Diligence
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Health, Body and Mind.

These values are the reason I wake up every morning to go to work with Eyal. Also, these values is the DNA of KMG and it is what defines us and separate us from other Martial Arts. KMG Instructors are picked according to this set of values and not only according to their Krav Maga and teaching abilities.

Dudi Gorin
General Manager
Krav Maga Global by Eyal Yanilov