Woman Stabbed in Parramatta Park

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PRABHA Arun Kumar, the woman stabbed to death just 300m from her Westmead home was on the phone to a member of her family when the attack happened.

The married mother of one was found stabbed in Parramatta Park last night, lying in a large pool of blood just after 9.30pm, 7th of March.

A friend of Ms Kumar, who was walking home from work when she was brutally stabbed said she always felt guilty about getting a lift home late at night.

Sarada Angadimani, a friend of the victim, said that she had warned the slain IT consultant about the dangers of the park.

“I told her that it is not a safe way to come through because there are people that stop and ask you for money, like $2,” Ms Angadimani said.

“I don’t argue I just give them the money. I would never walk through there later on.

“Last year she used to call me and I would pick her up from the station if she was working late.

“But because she was working late regularly she felt bad to ask for help. Maybe that is the reason that she didn’t call.”

The fact she didn’t call her friend proved fatal.

Police said she lost a great deal of blood in the attack.

Police and SES search the scene this morning. Picture: Justin Lloyd.
Superintendent Wayne Cox from Parramatta police said earlier that the woman left the station, walked along Argyle St and onto Park Parade before being attacked in Parramatta Park.NSW Police at the scene of a murder in Parramatta Park in Westmead overnight. Picture: Ben Pike

“At this point she has taken a lane way connected up to Amos St in Westmead, and during this journey she has been attacked by a person or unknown persons,” he said.

“She suffered a life threatening injury. She was transported to Westmead Hospital and about 12.45am she was pronounced deceased.

“There was a large amount of blood so she obviously suffered a significant wound.”

Police obtained multiple reels of CCTV footage showing her walking along one of Parramatta’s busiest streets.

Supt Cox said police are particularly interested in talking to people who were around Argyle St and Park Parade last night.

Police are unable to say whether it was a sexual assault or robbery incident and are yet to formally identify the body.

The body was located near a cluster of trees that has wide open space on either side.