SGS Krav Maga (St George Sutherland Shire Krav Maga) offers a range of workshops for students, workplaces and security to name a few.

Most workshops can be catered for in the clients premises, however we also offer workshops in our own premises when requested.

Workshops can include but not limited to: 

  • The generic responses to a threat situation
  • Situational awareness
  • Pre-confrontation, pre-fight, fight and post fight tactics and strategies
  • Recognizing signals and behaviours that attackers display
  • Pre-confrontation and pre-fight posturing and positioning
  • Exit strategies
  • Stances and striking
  • Releases from common grabs (including chokes and holds)
  • Basic defences against an unarmed attacker
  • Basic defences against knives
  • Basic defences on the ground
  • Dealing with falls and getting up from the ground
  • The use of common objects as shields, distractions and weapons
  • Mindset-Determination and aggression training


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