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Winter Camp Kick Defences
Winter Camp 2022

Defending against knife threats, gun threats and kicks, firearms competency, sambo…

Despite the rain and overall apocalyptic weather, we spent the wet weekend perfecting our self-defence skills at the SGS Self-Defence Winter Camp.
It was a great turnout of students new and old… or rather, veteran? The energy was high, the training was fun, and we had the time to spend some time focusing on not only techniques too high-level to be taught in regular classes but also to iron out the mistakes we were making in some of our more fundamental defences against knife threats, stabs, kicks, and guns.
We also spent two hours improving our controls, wrestling, and overall groundwork skills with a SAMBO workshop run by Sambo Master Aziz Yuldashev. We run SAMBO classes every Friday evening, and it was great to get some additional hours in.
Kudos to all who braved the cold and wet for an intense two days of training.
As we always say, you get better on the days you don’t feel 100 per cent motivated but walk through the doors anyway.
That’s how you sharpen skills. That’s how you build character. That’s how you get better, faster.
A week of R&R and we start up again next weekend for another two days! See the full SGS Winter Self-Defence Camp Schedule here.
Next Saturday and Sunday we’ll cover carjacking, defences against chokes while standing and on the ground, and much else. On Sunday, we will finish up with an advanced fighting workshop with Tommy Blom, Master Level 1.
Remember there are only four KMG Master Level instructors globally.
Don’t miss the opportunity to be trained by one of the highest ranked KMG instructors in the world.
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