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Fighting and Sparring: What You Need To Know

What sparring is, what it should be, how it should be used and what benefit we can reap from it if we use it correctly. When we train at SGS Krav Maga, we prepare for street fighting, not sport fighting. This means no rules, no ‘illegal moves’, no weight-classes, no

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How Aggression Training Could Save Your Life

Aggression is uncomfortable. What’s more uncomfortable is that your aversion to it can be used as a weapon against you. Here’s HOW aggression training can not only tame it, but turn it into your most powerful self-defence technique. Aggression is threatening. Most people (and most likely you) are deeply uncomfortable

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Wrap up: SGS Self-Defence Winter Camp Weekend 1

Defending against knife threats, gun threats and kicks, firearms competency, sambo… Despite the rain and overall apocalyptic weather, we spent the wet weekend perfecting our self-defence skills at the SGS Self-Defence Winter Camp. It was a great turnout of students new and old… or rather, veteran? The energy was high, the

Krav Maga vs Karate for self-defence

Krav Maga vs Karate

When deciding which martial art or fighting system to study for self-defence, it’s important to take an open, honest look at your options. Not all martial arts are created equally, or for the same purpose. One of the most common martial arts in Australia and the world is Karate. In

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How Self-Defence Classes Can Get You Killed

Self-defence classes are popular for many different reasons. We all come to them with a story. I started looking for self-defence classes for a reason I could only properly articulate much later. I knew I wanted to know how to protect myself if I had to. That I didn’t want

Winter Self Defence Camp

Winter Self-Defence Camp

Polish up your tactics. Accelerate your skills. Prepare for grading. Have a tonne of fun! Following on from the success of our Summer Camp, we’re excited to announce the SGS Krav Maga Winter Self-Defence Camp. The camp will be held on the first two weekends of July on 2nd and


How to Use Common Objects For Self-Defence

Learn how to use ordinary, common objects for self-defence and use what you find in your environment to defend more effectively.   Krav Maga was developed as military close-quarter combat system that included bayonet fighting, knife fighting, usage of firearms of any kind as an impact weapon, weapon retention etc.